Why choose Sicilian Wedding Day?

Even if you have always had your wedding planned down to the last detail, turning plans into reality can take longer than you think and often proves rather frustrating, even overwhelming. Which is why, if you want to be certain that your big day meets your expectations, it makes sense to talk to a wedding planner.

You may choose a wedding planner for a variety of reasons. Our clients include time-challenged couples who lead ultra-busy lives and need the help a planner to coordinate all the elements of their special day as well as cost conscious couples who want make every penny count.

For those who choose to get married abroad, selecting and co-ordinating foreign suppliers from a distance can lead to additional complications. Language and cultural differences are often issues in such cases and can turn the planning of a dream day into a nightmare.

At Sicilian Wedding Day we aim to take the stress out of your wedding planning by guiding you through your Sicilian wedding step by step. We can help with the styling and creativity of your day, while also ensuring you get value-for-money by liaising with suppliers on your behalf and working within your set budget.

Sicilan Wedding Day Brochure imageUnlike many wedding planners we are based in the area, have specific local knowledge and can attend all appointments with suppliers face to face. Our choice of suppliers is based on previous experience and past service. Our location also guarantees our attendance on your wedding day to ensure everything runs smoothly.

The co-founders of Sicilian Wedding Day are Sicilian and British which means we have the unique advantage of cultural knowledge and a love of both countries we can use to enhance the wedding planning process.

We offer a personal creative planning service, not a standardised packaged approach and our aim is to make your day as special as possible. Your wedding preparation starts here.

The founders of Sicilian Wedding Day have years of professional experience in event and wedding planning.

We'd love to discuss your thoughts with you. If you'd like to contact us, or leave a number so we can call you, please click here .

Your Wedding Planners

Emma Mell

Emma co-founded Sicilian Wedding Day with Simona de Salvo after organizing her own Sicilian wedding in 2010. British by birth with a Sicilian husband, Emma has made Sicily her home and now speaks fluent Italian.

Having gained a first class Masters in Marketing, she worked for more than 10 years as a communications and brand manager for a top UK financial services provider, managing a team of 10 marketers and producing numerous national events and campaigns across a broad range of media Emma and Simona imageincluding TV, radio, direct mail and the internet. Throughout this period she gained invaluable experience of budget management, supplier negotiation and strict compliance with deadlines - all essential qualities for a wedding planner.

Emma's strength is her creativity and ability to translate wedding ideas into reality. She is also a qualified professional florist and has worked with numerous brides helping them to transform their themes and ideas into final selections of wedding flowers.

Simona De Salvo

Simona was born in Messina, Sicily and it was here that she developed her passion for the world of marketing and communications. She graduated with a first in Communication Science completing her education by specialising in the Theory of Communication and gaining a Masters in Marketing.

Following completion of her studies, she began work at Messina's most important events management agency where she project-managed important artistic, musical and sports events. This gave her the opportunity to develop her organisational skills across a broad range of events. With her natural predisposition for public relations, together with her passion for tourism and love of her country, Simona then decided to open a travel agency. Here she specialised in promoting incoming tourism, mainly to Messina and its fascinating surrounding region with beautiful resorts including Taormina, Milazzo and The Aeolian Islands. This experience allowed her to gain an in-depth knowledge of the best places in Sicily for the enjoyment of nature, cuisine and quality accommodation.

Arriving finally in the world of weddings she worked for a well-known wedding magazine where, in addition to managing public relations for the publication, she also used her organisational knowledge to contribute to the production of the annual wedding show. Here she gained valuable contacts with the best suppliers within the world of wedding organisation, building both professional and informal relationships. Thanks to this grounding, she approaches her role as co-founder of Sicilian Wedding Day with enthusiasm, professionalism and confidence.

We'd love to discuss your thoughts with you. If you'd like to contact us, or leave a number so we can call you, please click here.

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